The Ultimate Beauty GWP (Gift With Purchase) Cheat Sheet

barney's summer beauty bag 2017 gift with purchase

Who doesn’t get excited about free beauty gifts?! I love luxury GWP (Gift With Purchase). Not only is it a great way to try out new products, but they’re the perfect size for travel. I’m constantly buying new beauty products, and I shop around at a lot of different stores. Over the years I’ve taken notes on who has the best swag bags. It’s important to know which stores to spend your hard earned money at, but also to know when. Many of these retailers have multiple GWPs through out the year, but the really good GWPs are specific times of the year. The best GWPs feature at least 20+ deluxe travel sized products (no product sleeves) and are all premium brands.

Since the best of the best GWPs have pretty high spend requirements, I found it helpful to keep a calendar of the ultimate GWPs. This way I can plan my yearly beauty spend and take advantage of as many as I can. I also included Sephora’s Beauty Insider sale since it’s the most comprehensive beauty sale- up to 20% off the entire store/online. Below is my calendar.

*Except for the Space NK Spring Edit, dates and details are from 2017. Since the dates and gift value (but not actual products) stay about the same year to year, I use last years details to help me plan ahead.

🗝 Tip: Most of these promotions only last one week or less, and they always run out quickly so planning ahead is key! If I need to replenish something now, but a promo is a week or two away, I use products from my stash of samples I always have on hand to tide me over in these situations.

Beauty GWP Calendar


Store: Space NK (The Spring Beauty Edit)

*This is my favorite bag of the year

🗝 Tip: I love Space NK, because on top of the GWP,  you always get 3 luxe samples and one  bonus deluxe sample for spending $65+

Start Date: 13 Feb 2018

Spend Required: $275 & use code SPRING18

Value: $500+

Space Nk spring edit 2018 gift with purchase
*Image from Space NK


Store: Barney’s New York (Love Yourself Beauty Bag Event- Spring)

Start Date:  7 Mar 2017

Spend Required: $200

*Image from Barneys New York


StoreSephora (Spring Beauty Insider Sale)

Start Date: 18 April 2017

Promo: Entire store/online is 10-15% off depending on Beauty Insider status

  •  The Holiday Beauty Insider Sale is 5% higher if you want to save up for just one


StoreBlue Mercury (18th Anniversary Gift Bag)

Start Date: 28 August 2017

Spend Required: $150 & use code ANNIVERSARY

blue mercury anniversary 2017 gift with purchase
*Image from Blue Mercury


Store: Barney’s New York (Love Yourself Beauty Bag Event- Fall)

Start Date: 6 Sep 2017

Spend Required: $200

barney's love yourself 2017 gift with purchase
*Image from Barneys New York

StoreSpace NK (The Autumn Beauty Edit)

Start Date: 8 Sep 2017

Spend Required: $275 & use code AUTUMN17

Value:  $500+

*Image from Space NK


StoreSephora (Holiday Beauty Insider Sale)

Start Date: 3 Nov 2017

Promo: Entire store/online is 15-20% off depending on Beauty Insider status


Start Date: 1 Dec 2017

Spend Required:

– 10% off $100+
– 15% off $175+
– 20% off $250+
Plus, GWP with $175 spend
blue mercury holiday 2017 gift with purchase
*Image from Blue Mercury

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