Park Hyatt Sydney: Lux Stay in the Rocks

park hyatt sydney australia the rocks

park hyatt sydney australia the rocks


My next series of posts will be all about one of my favorite trips, Sydney + Bali. As I mentioned previously, I try to make the most of my precious vacation days by visiting at least 2 destinations per a trip when I travel internationally.

ūüóĚ Tip: I pretty much always buy a round trip¬†ticket to one destination¬†and buy a separate¬†RT ticket from a local airline to get to the second destination. This saves way more money than trying to link all your flights together and lets you take advantage of amazing, international, low-cost carriers (shout out to Jin Air) while still accruing¬†miles from the long haul with your domestic carrier of choice. Just be sure to book plenty of lead time! I try to have at least 3 hours in between flights. Long layovers are my jam- I take advantage of the lounges, eat local food and even get some work done.

Sydney was an absolutely gorgeous city with so much to do. Did you know you can actually climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge? I have so much to share with you that will hopefully help you plan your trip to Sydney, but first I will start with what I consider the most important part- the hotel. I’m¬†usually a busy-body when vacationing, so whether I’m getting ready in the morning or coming back at night, finding the perfect,¬†relaxing place is really important to me.

For this trip I stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney¬†which is located in a¬†neighborhood called, The Rocks.¬†Right on the water, this tiny colonial neighborhood with its cobblestone walkways looks almost toy-like juxtaposed with¬†the incredibly modern city of Sydney. It’s very centrally located which is a definite¬†must for me on any city trips
sydney australia guide map the rocks


park hyatt sydney australia the rocks

I stayed in the standard room, and it was incredibly spacious, modern and clean. From a room perspective, the Park Hyatt chain is my favorite (based on the newer locations like Sydney, Shanghai, Seoul, etc).

My favorite part of the room is the bathroom. From the robot toilet (that’s what I call the fancy, gadget-affixed toilets) to the huge counter space, I was in heaven. I spend most of my waking hours in a hotel room, in the bathroom, so this is pretty important stuff! And in case you’re wondering (because I always am) the toiletries are Le Labo Bergamote 22.

The room service was disappointing. The food was a bit bland (tried about 5 different items from the menu). I would recommend checking out a restaurant nearby instead. Foodie post to come!


park hyatt sydney australia the rocks rooftop pool terrace

The rooftop pool & terrace was the star of the place. The views of¬†the Opera House were stunning. The pool sits right under the Sydney Harbor Bridge so the ambiance is amazing. They also have a nice gym and of course the spa. The Park Hyatt Shanghai spa was to die for, but I didn’t get to book any appointments in Sydney.


The service was great and just as expected at a 5-star hotel. Everyone that I came across was polite, professional, attentive and prompt.

park hyatt sydney australia the rocks
Zen in my room

If you fancy spacious, modern rooms, love a pool with great views and want to be able to walk to everything, I highly recommend you splurge on the Park Hyatt Sydney. As a Park Hyatt fan, the Sydney and Paris locations have always been on my bucket list. So, I was clearly very excited to go, and it definitely met all my expectations.

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