Socks as an Accessory

Jenn Kim Bonjour Jenn Stance Biggie Socks with Yeezy Clear Heels YSL Bag Erdem H&M Jacket

Jenn Kim Bonjour Jenn Stance Biggie Socks with Yeezy Clear Heels YSL Bag Erdem H&M Jacket

I just got back from LA and with the wildly varying weather I had from day to day (or hour to hour), I had to get creative with my outfits. Although it would be shorts weather during the day, by the evening it was cold enough that it was just awkward to be wearing sandals.

My Stance Juicy crew socks to the rescue! They were a perfect way to add some warmth and style. I mean what’s more stylish than rockin’ Biggie on my socks? I paired them with my clear Yeezy mules (similar here & here) so my socks showed in it’s full glory. I also wore my favorite Grldfnd high waisted denim cutoff shorts (similar here & here) with a classic black T by Alexander Wang tank. My Erdem x H&M tweed jacket (another here) was perfect to highlight the yellow in the socks. My SongofStyle x Gentle Monster sunnies (similar here & here), which I got on my last trip to Seoul, and my Saint Laurent monogram Kate small chain bag completed my look.

IMG_95IMG_98Jenn Kim Bonjour Jenn Stance Biggie Socks with Yeezy Clear Heels YSL Bag Erdem H&M Jacket In Motion

IMG_98Jenn Kim Bonjour Jenn Stance Biggie Socks with Yeezy Clear Heels YSL Bag Erdem H&M Jacket Waist Down

IMG_98Jenn Kim Bonjour Jenn Stance Biggie Socks with Yeezy Clear Heels YSL Bag Erdem H&M Jacket Close Up

Outfit Details

JACKET: Erdem x H&M tweed jacket (another here)

TANK: T by Alexander Wang black tank

SHORTS: Grldfnd high waisted denim cutoff shorts (similar here & here)

SOCKS: Stance Juicy crew

HEELS: Yeezy clear mules (similar here & here)

BAG: Saint Laurent monogram Kate small chain bag

SUNNIES: SongofStyle x Gentle Monster sunnies (similar here & here)


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