This Siem Reap Design Hotel was Made for Your Instagram Feed

Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia Pool

*Viroth was awarded 2018 Best Hotel in the World by Tripadvisor

After Bangkok, I headed to Siem Reap, Cambodia. When I saw on the map that it’s virtually on the way to Krabi, Thailand, I knew I had to stop there. Especially since I’ve always wanted to see Angkor Wat. The exchange rate can have a big impact on the enjoyability of your vacation and in Cambodia, the rate is even more favorable than Thailand. Coupled with the fact that they have the most adorable boutique hotels and amazing spas, Siem Reap ended up being one of my favorite destinations.

After careful review, I decided to stay at Viroth’s Hotel in Siem Reap. I admit, the stunning photographs hooked me, but after staying there, it’s really an incredible luxury hotel for a steal. The service and hospitality was absolutely 5-stars at Viroth’s Hotel. They were always offering to assist and do anything they could to make my stay more enjoyable, including shooing away some lizards that were lurking around my door and carrying my bags up and down the stairs (there’s no elevator).

Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia Pool

Deluxe Double Room

Room Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

The Deluxe Double Room is the standard room size, and it was very spacious with a large desk & separate seating area. I loved the clean, but eclectic decor. There’s a large balcony, but I never used it and spent all my time at the pool. The bathroom is tub-less with a huge walk-in rain shower. Toiletries were generic so I was glad I brought my own. The suites are very reasonably priced and surprisingly not that much more, but I didn’t find it necessary since the standard room was so nice, and I wasn’t in my room much.

Bathroom Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Viroth’s Hotel Location

Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia stairs

Downtown Siem Reap is small. As long as you stay centrally, you can walk everywhere you want to go or take a very cheap tuk tuk ride. Viroth’s Hotel is 5 mins walking from downtown and a 20 min tuk tuk ride from Angkor Wat. Viroth’s is on a quiet street and is a gorgeous open-air style hotel with lush greenery throughout.


Siem Reap’s weather is just as tropical as Bangkok. Having a hotel pool is key, and Viroth’s was perfect. It was quiet, pretty and relaxing. Viroth’s decor focuses on being green. Their living green wall anchors one end of their pool. There’s plenty of lounge chairs, and I loved the blue hue to the pool tiles. It was such a relaxing oasis amidst the hustle & bustle of Siem Reap.


Restaurant Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Breakfast is included in your stay and is an all you can eat, a la cart menu. It’s served in the open air restaurant that overlooks the pool. The croissants & fresh made jam was fantastic as was their local options, like the Cambodian-style, noodle soup (reminded me of Pho). I also loved their in-room dining menu, it was cheap & delicious. I really enjoyed the egg mimosa, a fantastic similarity to a deviled egg.

Breakfast Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

Noodle Soup Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia

room service Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia


Spa Room Viroth's Hotel Siem Reap Cambodia
Photo from

After a long day exploring Angkor Wat, I was so glad to find a wonderful spa in my hotel. I had a three part treatment (facial, scrub, massage) for $62 USD! I have had more effective treatments when addressing specific issues like problem skin or soreness but for a cheap and relaxing treatment in the convenience of your hotel, this can’t be beat.

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