Diptyque Made a Hair Mist & OMG Does it Smell Good

Diptyque Rose Eau Hair Mist Limited Edition

Diptyque Rose Eau Hair Mist Limited Edition

I never knew I needed a hair mist in my life until now. I was browsing in my local Diptyque  boutique, and their limited edition Eau Rose collection caught my eye with its beautiful packaging- my biggest weakness. Coming straight from Korean BBQ -yum- I thought my hair could use some refreshing. I saw the Eau Rose Hair Mist and sprayed my long, thick hair, which loves to trap evidence of all my meals. The Korean BBQ smell was gone, and instead my hair smelled of fresh, vibrant roses. I was hooked.

What is a hair mist anyways?

It’s basically perfume for your hair, but contains oils vs. just alcohol which would be drying to your hair. Diptyque’s hair mist is enriched with nourishing and protective camellia oil.

Don’t blink, it’s already sold out in most stores.

This is part of a highly limited edition collection. Use any of my links to see where you can still buy the product. The store clerk did tell me that this particular item was so popular that Diptyque plans to make it a permanent item, but we’ll see.

The bottle is $48. Considering that their iconic candles are $64, I found the price reasonable, and now I never have to deal with Korean BBQ hair. Winning!

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