My Favorite Sheet Masks & Why They’re Better Than Cream Masks

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I’ve always been a huge fan of masks. I love going to spas, but don’t have the time to go often. So, masks are my at-home remedy. I’ve used them weekly for as long as I can remember, so I’ve tried hundreds of different kinds.

I have became obsessed with sheet masks. They’ve been around for a while, but I was hesitant, because (1) they look scary as heck (2) I’m always multi-tasking in my mask, doing house work, etc. I thought a sheet mask would fall off if I moved around. I finally tried one with a friend and realized they’re amazing & definitely have benefits that you can’t get from any cream-type mask.

First, they’re perfect for travel. Masks don’t usually come in travel-sized containers. So, they’re a pain to pack. I usually pack two sheets masks for my trips, and they barely take up any room! Second, I notice a bigger difference in hydration & brightening vs. using traditional cream masks, and I think I’ve figured out why. Sheet masks trap body heat on your face. It’s not uncomfortable, but makes your face little warmer. The heat then helps the ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. It’s like when you sit under a hot dryer after you had a deep conditioner put in your hair. The product gets in deeper and faster.

🗝 Tip: I like to leave my mask on until the sheet completely dries.

Most sheet masks come from Asia. I’ve tried many different kinds from China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. My current favorites are from South Korea (The Face Shop Mask with Mung Bean Extract) and Taiwan (l’Herboflore Black Pearl Brightening Mask). I tried several different kinds from each brand, and these two, specific ones gave me the best results.

Mask Sheet #1: Mung Bean by The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a cosmetic chain in South Korea, and they’re everywhere. The Face Shop’s products focus on the benefits from ingredients found in nature. You can also find them in the States at Korean grocery stores, like H-Mart. If you don’t live by one, no worries, it’s easy to buy online. They’re also super cheap- in Korea they’re less than $1 each, and you can find them online for a couple dollars. Way cheaper than the ones at Sephora. I love this Mung Bean one specifically, because it brightens my skin and leaves it really moisturized, but my face doesn’t look shiny after. Most sheet masks leave your face shiny-looking so I usually use them before bed, but this one I can use in the morning or during the day. It’s specifically made for tightening pores and is great for oily skin, even though it’s super moisturizing.

sheet mask asian beauty korean beauty make up the face shop masks


Mask #2: Black Pearl Whitening by l’Herboflore

l’Herboflore is a Taiwanese brand of sheet masks that aims to create a luxury product at affordable prices, and I agree that’s exactly what they are. They have gorgeous packaging, and the masks are similar to the pricer brands (like SK-II) where the sheet has a more contoured shape & fit, and they have a backing on the mask so it’s easier to unfold for application.  The prices are similar to the Face Shop. You can find them in various stores Taiwan or online. I just love the packaging of their mask! Every single one is so beautiful! I like the Black Pearl best, because even though they’re all very moisturizing, this one brightened my face the most. It makes your face glow!

sheet mask asian beauty korean beauty make up l'herboflore taiwan masks


Click images below to purchase these masks


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