Travel Hack: How to Pack Your Jewelry

pill box jewelry organizer for travel

pill box jewelry organizer for travel

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I always travel light. My hack for packing jewelry securely for travel is using pill boxes.

Why Pill Boxes?


Many travel jewelry cases are soft fabric. While they are gentle on your delicate jewelry, I don’t find them to be as secure when I smush them into my carry on. I think hard cases and ensuring that nothing touches each piece of jewelry, is what’s important. By using a pill box, each jewelry has it’s own space.

🗝 Tip: For extra delicate pieces, wrap in silk or tissue before placing in the pillbox.

Saves Space

I only travel with a carry on and since I like to shop on my trips, I like to pack with some empty space in my suitcase. So, you can imagine, I’m trying to save as much space as possible. Pill boxes are a great compact solution for toting your jewelry & pills.

🗝 Tip: You might have larger pieces like my brooch that won’t fit in the pill box. I wrapped my brooch in a small tissue that I placed in a tiny tin which also fit some other odds & ends like a bluetooth shutter button which I then placed inside my purse with some socks & underwear which I then put in my carryon, phew. I don’t mess around- no inch goes unused!

Where to buy?

Click the icons below to purchase all items in my photo. The pill box I use, which is perfect for my pills & jewelry (photo is actually from what I packed on my last trip to LA which was for a week), is a free gift with the purchase of 3 months of hair supplements. Read all about these supplement and my beauty routine HERE.




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